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A Handyman

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This photo really cracked me up today.:


You see, most girls would find a handyman attractive. But of course this does not hold true to anyone because I did not marry a handyman and I am happy with my choice.  Hubby, for me, is the most attractive man in the world-- handyman or not!

Actually, I am kind of a handyman myself (should you call me a handywoman then?) and there were times that I do the fixing of things around the house. I consider that a gift, and I don't have expectations that a man should do that. At least there should be someone handy in the house, right?  and it doesn't matter who. :) But don't expect too much!  I don't do plumbing and those complicated stuff  here, okay? So hope nobody gives me a ring when their roof or pipes have problems! LOL!

Fine Dining

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I don't know about you, but hubby and I really enjoy fine dining.  It could be one overwhelming experience for first timers but once you get the hang of it, you will find yourself looking forward to another fine dining experience.

 I love it that we could dress up with something nice and enjoy a restaurant's romantic ambiance. Most, if not all of them have table skirting from premiertablelinens and I really enjoy their intricate designs. Of course as a blogger I always see to it that I bring my camera along whenever we'd go out to dine. I love those food presentations-- plus moments like those are really worth-documenting!

Brahm's Lullaby

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Schenker is sick.

High fever.

Samantha decides to take care of her brother. She lends her blanket, asks me to play Brahm's Lullaby by Celine Dion on youtube, and pats him to sleep.


Hopeful that Schenker gets well tonight.