Hello, Phuket | Family Trip 2013

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After two years, the family is on a holiday trip again. It has been really crazy the past couple of years. Thank God for allowing us to go on a holiday before the end of the year this time.

We actually went to see the Moken first. It was a great trip and deserves another blog post. Meanwhile, let me talk about our Phuket trip.

Phuket has changed. A lot. It's like I've never been here before.

Phuket bus terminal has been moved to... a far far away place. Tuk tuks are rare. The taxi fare from the bus terminal to Panwa Beach Resort was 500 Thai Baht. We thought of smarter(or so we thought) idea, took the song thaew (budget transportation in Thailand) at 10Baht each to Phuket downtown, only to realize tuk tuks were scarce. So we ended up taking a cab that cost us 400 Thai Baht. So all in all, we paid 440Baht for our fare to the resort.

I was really praying that everything will be worth it when we finally arrive at the hotel. Imagine my anticipation and anxiety before we reached the place because although we paid at a huge discount for this hotel, it was still not that cheap.

Glad to arrive at the By the Sea Phuket Panwa Beach Resort feeling amazed at how private the beach was and how romantic the setting was. Each room is designed in such a way as each faces the sea. Imagine looking out your window overlooking a beautiful blue cape. I can't wait to see that tomorrow. We arrived quite late so couldn't really see.

But we went down and took a quick tour.  The restaurant was at the beach so we stopped to have a simple dinner of soup, salad and pizza. Yep, Italian food. In Thailand. LOL. I promise, tomorrow, we order seafood, okay?He-he.

Anyways, there's complimentary seafood basket for dinner so we're claiming that tomorrow for dinner.

Meanwhile, let my photos speak for themselves. They don't really give justice to the beauty of the place but somehow it gives you idea on how the place looks like at night.

 We bought this package from Groupon Malaysia. By the Sea Phuket at Panwa Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand is truly amazing.

Will be back for more blog post tomorrow. Kayaking is on the radar.