Paleo for Kids | Baked Egg in Avocado

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I have seen baked egg in avocado even before I re-started my Paleo lifestyle. And I so wanted to make it. Sorry I forgot to whom the credit is due for this recipe.

Avocado in Malaysia is expensive. One small one can cost you 1.50US$. So I didn't really give in to the cravings.

But last week, I bought a couple of them. I made one like this last week but didn't post it. I made another one today for breakfast.

This baked egg in avocado is...


That's the right word. I could eat this everyday. But I can't be spending too much just for avocados. Besides my family hasn't adapted to its taste yet. My family is such a KJ (kill joy) but I am liking it. That means, I can enjoy avocado on my own. Hahahaha. Where did my greed come from? All of a sudden? hahaha. No worries, though... it's only for avocados.

Recipe for baked egg (I prefer it half-baked) in avocado:

1/2 medium sized avocado, scrape a little bit of meat in the middle to make way for egg.
1 egg
garlic powder
sea salt to taste

1. Take out the avocado seed and scrape out a little bit of avocado meat to make way for the egg.
2. Beat the egg onto the middle of the avocado.
3. Sprinkle it with garlic powder, paprika and a little bit of sea salt to taste.
4. Place into preheated oven at 350 F for 10 minutes. 

This is how I would binge for breakfast:

Baked egg in avocado
Banana bread
Eggplant fritata


Bullet-proof coffee.

Will blog about my latest coffee obsession later.