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Morning has broken.
Fix it.

I can still remember vividly when the husband and I were in London in 2010. We ate Subway sandwiches most of the time. We had it for breakfasts, lunches and dinners  while we were there... except when we went out for a pub grub with a friend, Peking duck with another friend... and Bella Italia for our last night's dinner. And of course, every morning, I would see this sign in front of Subway:

"Morning has broken. Fix it."

So I am kinda using that everytime I post something breakfast-ey.

My trip in London has nothing to do with my breakfast, really, except that every morning, I have to fix our breakfast, when the dawn breaks. :P

I would usually have a me time during my breakfast. I plan for the day, plan for our meals, and pray for my family. I would usually eat first before I wake the kids up to prepare for school.

Today is Saturday. I woke up at the same time although I asked my husband it's his turn to wake the kids up. I ended up doing it anyway. My husband likes to sleep. Oooppss. Sorry, I had to tell the world about it. LOL.

Anyways, here's a great kick for the day.

My own version of a bulletproof coffee with sweet potato bread which I prepared the night before, of course.

And once again, please forgive me for forgetting who inspired me to make bulletproof coffee. It's one of those Paleo bloggers I have been reading. Or maybe, from one of those facebook pages I have seen.

But like I said, here's my own version because I can't follow their exact recipe.


Freshly brewed Brazilian coffee. - (I have an endless supply for it for now because I have Brazilian friends coming in and out of the country and that's the only thing I wish for from their country to bring to me. Other things are a bonus, of course. Hehehe. )

Cinnamon powder

Coconut sugar

Coconut cream (no photo)

I just mix all of them together with the freshly brewed coffee. And I die. Everyday, I do. This bulletproof coffee, once tried, is like a song "Hotel California." Once you're in, it's impossible to go out. LOL.

So yeah, here's my latest coffee obsession:

My very own.

Bulletproof Coffee