Paleo for Kids | Sweet Potato Salad

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I have a very good potato salad recipe. It's always a hit for special dinners. But now that we are into Paleo lifestyle, I know I have to make potato salad but this time, with different ingredients. So instead of potatoes, I use sweet potatoes and instead of the commercial mayonnaise, I make my own dressing.

Here's my ingredients for my new recipe:

Sweet potatoes (boiled and cubed)
Eggs (boiled - roughly mashed)
Homemade dressing (dijon mustard honey)
Mixed herbs
Sea salt

How to prepare sweet potato salad:

1. Mix all the ingredients.
2. Serve as a side dish

Paleo for Kids : Sweet Potato Salad

Kids' verdict: It was okay.

I am glad it's okay. They used to love my older potato salad recipe and to accept my new one is good enough. Well, it could be an acquired taste. For now, it's introducing paleo dishes for my family.