Paleo for Kids | Valentine's Dinner Ideas | Red Velvet Cupcakes

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Planned to go grocery shopping for Valentine's dinner with my family but thought of just sticking to what I had at home.

So I made this Pork Adobo, stir-fried okra with ceylon spinach and baked supposed-to-be red velvet cupcakes (because I wanted something red on my food photos - nah, kidding) but it turned out brown. And yes, I refused to use red food coloring for my cupcakes. It would then defeat the purpose of making red velvet cupcakes Paleo style.

The red velvet cupcake is actually made of beet root with almond flour but following a recipe I found on the internet blindly, I mixed some cocoa powder. Now my red velvet cupcake became like a chocolate cupcake. Will try to perfect it then I share my recipe.

Meanwhile, the family enjoyed this simple dinner of pork adobo, stir-fried okra with spinach, sweet potato (baked in the oven) and red velvet cupcake. Okay, BROWN velvet cupcake. Apart from it being brown, I am proud that I can finally make our own red velvet cupcakes and besides, they are packed with goodness and love.  I just need to perfect the red. Can't be redundant enough.