Paleo for Kids | Zucchini Zoodles with Creamy Sauce

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Came home today too excited for my next dish on this week's menu list: Zucchini Zoodles with Cream Sauce.

I don't have a spiraler to turn the zucchini into pasta form and so I used grater. It worked... but obviously not as good looking as's zucchini zoodles.

The best part was: I tricked the kids. Har-har! I am having big smiles while writing about this.

My son loves pasta with creamy sauce so much. I actually didn't know how to make that cream sauce so I always ended up with bolognaise or pesto sauce.

But this one.. you will be surprised. I myself was surprised. This creamy sauce I copied from is a real deal!

My kids loved it! Until now, they still don't know it's just made of cauliflower.

Just two kinds of vegetables in this super delish Paleo dish.