Paleo for Kids | Almond Milk

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My friend Lalaine (thanks, by the way) gave me this link of a post on how to make your own almond milk. I followed every instruction it said and I am so glad I did because the almond milk from raw almonds was really very nice.

You may click the link below to follow instructions:

How to Make Almond Milk at Home 

And so, here is mine.

It took 2 days to soak it in the water but it's quite worth it.

I added coconut palm sugar for a sweetener. Although Schenker is not a big fan of it, Samantha straight away took to liking it. or maybe, loving it.

I tried it in my coffee.

If you're a coffee lover, this is a must try.

A coffee to die for.

It will take your coffee life to greater heights, indeed.