Paleo Treat | Pearl Sago with Coconut Milk

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Here, I made a little discovery about this Malaysian desert.

It's sweet.

It's rich.

It's creamy.

But it's also oh, so healthy.

Here's a little Paleo treat just for you.

Paleo. Malaysian. Desert. 

Pearl Sago with Coconut Milk and Gula Melaka a.k.a Coconut Sugar.

Here's how I made this #Paleo treat:


1 cup pearl sago
coconut milk
gula melaka or coconut sugar syrup
pandan leaf
a pinch of sea salt

1. Boil the pearl sago with water. Stir often to avoid clumping. You may boil in low heat for 15 minutes.
2. Strain the boiled sago in cool running water.
3. In a medium heated pan, place the coconut milk, sea salt and pandan leaf. Let it boil.
4. Take off from the pan.
5. Pour the coconut milk over the cooked sago.
6. Add in coconut sugar syrup to a desired sweetness.


Who says one can't be healthy and have some treats, too?

It's like having a piece of cake and eat it, too. :P

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