X-Men Quicksilver | Time in a Bottle

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So the family and I decided at the last minute to watch X-Men: The Days of Future Past. Chose Citta Mall cinema coz it's usually not crowded in that place. Glad we got some good seats for the four of us.

I've seen X-men films before and The Wolverine. Of course, I had to watch the sequel, right? I'm glad I did coz I really enjoyed the movie.

There's one scene where Quicksilver and Charles and Wolverine saved Magneto from the prison. In that scene, all other subjects were frozen and in slow motion while quicksilver was trying to save the rest of the superheroes from the bullets.

Then there's Time in a Bottle.

I almost died.

Here's Time in a Bottle.

Here's the detailed description of Quicksilver + Time in a Bottle scene:


Time in a Bottle + Quicksilver = Ridiculously awesome!