Bulletproof Coffee | Upgraded MCT Oil

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Bang bang!!!

Oh hi there. It's just me coming back to this blog.


Anyways, what's been happening? I was out of Paleo for a while and I am coming back in, with a big bang.

And oh, I did a couple times of cleansing diet using GM Diet. I saw a friend doing that and I was very impressed with the result and tried it myself. When the husband and my friend came back from their trip, I did the cleansing diet again.

And because coffee wasn't allowed in the GM diet (allowed but strictly no sugar), so I challenged myself if I could rule over coffee and put it at the back shelf.

I'm glad I did. It has been more than a month since I am off-coffee.

I'm happy I am celebrating.

With a coffee.


But it's not just a coffee. It's a Bulletproof coffee. I got my ingredients from a Paleo cafe in Adelaide, Australia when the family went there for a visit in June this year.

I also bought Bulletproof Upgraded MCT Oil to go with my Bulletproof Upgraded coffee. I bought one pack each so I was a bit hesitant to open them up straight away. I wanted to wait for a big moment and today, I'm kinda feeling it's the right time to do, especially after doing Samantha's hair. I really don't know the connection... but I guess it's just me celebrating something random, or randomly celebrating without much special reasons.

To make it really special and authentic, I used the exact recipe. I even dug for my  Bialetti stove top coffee maker.

Brewed coffee using the stove top coffee maker.
Added 2 tbs grass-fed butter
Added 2 tbs MCT Upgraded Oil
Blend them together.

The result is...


Although it doesn't have any sugar.

Samantha has acquired a taste in coffee. So she really loved it. Schenker hasn't developed a taste for coffee yet and I hope he won't anytime soon because I don't wanna have a competition in drinking coffee. Hahahaha! Kidding!